Hello EDGE family!

We are OPEN and seeing patients in clinic as well as using Telehealth! We are excited to announce that ALL of your Physical Therapists are back in the clinic and looking forward to seeing you! We have been working hard to make sure that this is a safe environment for both patients and practitioners. Worried about coming to the clinic? We understand! Please see our blog on Telehealth and the benefits to continuing your care during these unprecedented times, whether from the clinic or the comfort of your own home.

We want you to know that along with our common cleaning and disinfecting practices we have been following guidelines from the CDC, WHO, and the Washington (PTWA) and national Physical Therapy Association (APTA), while closely monitoring the status of our state. We are maintaining social distancing guidelines (all treatment areas are set up to maintain distance of 6 feet apart between patients, along with requirements of all staff and patients to be wearing face masks while in the clinic). When there is a particular assessment or hands on treatment that is called for, your therapist will make sure you are okay with the proximity and will be in full protective gear (proper KN95 masks, gloves and eye protection). We have also limited the number of patients in the clinic at one time to 3 and will only allow one person in the lobby at a time. This way we can safely ensure the 6-foot distancing rule.

So, what does a PT session look like these days?

  1. We start by having you call us from the parking lot when you arrive so that we can let you know when it’s safe to come up to the clinic. Our patients have been waiting in their cars until we give them the go ahead! Put on your mask and come on up! If you forgot your mask, no worries! We have a few extra. (After entering the building, sanitize your hands using one of the two newly installed touch free hand sanitizing dispensers in the entryway or the dispenser in our lobby. There is also a bathroom on the second floor. Soap and water are always best!)


  1. Is this your first time here? Or the first time back in a while? If you have access to a computer or your cell phone, we will work to keep paperwork and transactions as electronic as possible.  If not, we can come down to your car, collect it and process it before you come up.


  1. Once you’re in the clinic, you will complete a health check and we will check your temperature. We will also ask you some important questions. Any symptoms? Cough, fever, shortness of breath or been around anyone who has COVID-19? Any travel? Our staff is doing the same thing to make sure we are just as healthy as you! If it’s okay with you we will save your payment method in our system to minimize handling of cards or cash. This can be changed at any time. Now we’re ready to begin your session!


  1. Your PT will see you now! Grab a pump of hand sanitizer! Your PT will take you to a location in the clinic where social distancing can be maintained and necessary precautions can be taken. The PT will bring the equipment to you!  What service, right?


  1. When you’re finished with your appointment let the sanitization party begin! As mentioned, we are using medical grade disinfectant on all surfaces touched in a session as well as regular cleanings of the clinic and high touch areas throughout the day!



Do I need gloves?

-Gloves are not necessary since everything is highly sanitized with CDC recommended cleaning solution after every patient contact. However, please feel free to bring whatever you are comfortable with. The PT will most definitely be wearing gloves if they have to do a hands-on assessment.

When do I come up to the clinic?

-Give us a call when you arrive in the parking lot. Please feel free to call us if you’re a little early. We may be free and ready to bring you up! We are trying to minimize the traffic in the waiting area.

Can I bring my friend/child/spouse/parent?

-We are currently limiting the number of patients in the clinic to be able to maintain social distancing requirements, thus we ask that any other visitors aside from the patient wait outside of our clinic. Exceptions will be made in the case of a minor or someone who needs physical assistance.

What should I wear in the clinic or during a telehealth session?

-Athletic shorts, pants and shirts help us to evaluate the areas we are treating. They also help you move comfortably and freely during your session!

What if I forgot my mask?

-No worries we have a few extra!

What if I’m feeling a little sick?

-Give us a call to let us know and keep up informed. We will suggest that you cancel your appointment with us and contact your Doctor’s office to take the next steps from there.

I’m nervous to come in. What should I do?

-Don’t worry! We have telehealth! Try a free 15-minute consultation with us! Check out our blog on the benefits of telehealth. Our current patients are loving it!

We can’t wait to see you in our clean and safe environment!


Your Team at EDGE