Edge Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation’s mission is to provide top quality personalized therapy within our community allowing our clients to not only participate in, but exceed in their active lifestyle. Our philosophy is to treat all customers and employees with respect and practice with the highest integrity. We pride ourselves on exceptional patient care and customer service and we look forward to meeting the needs and surpassing the expectations of our neighbors in the greater Snoqualmie Valley community.

Message from the Owners:

We want to personally share the news with you that after significant thought and consideration, we have jointly made the decision to sell Edge Physical Therapy & Rehab to Select Physical Therapy. We are full of emotions, most notably excitement for the opportunities this will bring with it – for our patients, our staff and us. We have worked incredibly hard over the past ten years to build Edge into a place we are proud of and that has allowed us to help so many patients and members of the community. It has been both the greatest accomplishment but also some of our greatest challenges. The healthcare landscape has changed drastically, and running a small business comes with several costs. Primarily treating patients via health insurance has come to a point that is too difficult to run a small business. Unlike other industries and businesses that can raise their prices, we have a fixed allowable charge for the services we provide via insurance. In order to be able to continue to provide the same excellent standard of care and to be able to treat our staff to the benefits and compensation they deserve, we have acknowledged that we need more support. We specifically chose Select Physical Therapy as they share the same beliefs and philosophies that we hold as pillars to our business, in caring for patients and our employees with the highest level possible.
We appreciate everyone’s continued support and flexibility as we make this transition over the next few weeks. Rest assured, your favorite faces will be here to greet you and help you through your rehab journey. Along with the change in ownership, will bring some change in the administrative platform. Silpa will be transitioning to the Center Manager to assist in delivering leadership to the team and community. Along with Theresa Sippel, Silpa and the team will continue to provide the outstanding customer service and physical therapy services you have always counted on at Edge. Anne will be transitioning out the clinic over the next month in order to focus on some personal goals, including finishing the last year of her MBA and expanding professionally into some bigger picture healthcare and business aspirations.
Personally, we both want to thank you for your continued support and belief in us. We never could have got to this place of pride and gratitude in the impact Edge has made without you all. This community, our staff and our patients have been amazing and we are excited to transition to the next phase with you.
In good health,
Anne & Silpa

Our Specialties

Physical Therapy at Edge

Physical Therapy

The goal of physical therapy is to help maintain and restore functional movement allowing you to maximize your activity level and health.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy involves both injury management and rehabilitation as well as performance enhancement for athletes of all ages and ability levels.

Custom Orthotics at Edge Physical Therapy & rehab

Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics are custom made inserts that fit in your shoes.  These inserts are medically proven to help eliminate pain and improve alignment.

Graston Technique at Edge Physical Therapy & Rehab

Graston Technique

Graston Technique® is used for injury treatment and rehabilitation. It is an advanced method that utilizes medical instruments to decrease pain and improve function, by allowing us to detect and more effectively treat areas of “scar tissue” or adhesions in muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Edge Physical Therapy & Rehab - Telehealth - Doxy Patient Video Health Call

Telehealth – Virtual Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services that are provided over a live video consultation, rather than by in-person means. We can see you and you can see us as well as we can share our screen with you too.