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The Importance of Balance (A.K.A. Not Falling)

Aging is, unfortunately, inevitable. There are creams to exude youthful skin, cushioned shoes to create a spring in your step, and filters galore for your selfies (I just took a photo of myself with my DSLR and was highly disappointed at the result. Photo editing software is not overrated). But one area of aging that [...]

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What We Treat…We bet there is something on this list that will surprise you!

Exercising while pregnant under the guidance of a PT The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has been campaigning for ‘PT first’ interventions for many of the common injuries affecting our population. This includes encouraging physicians to provide referrals for things like low back pain, especially since the FDA has really been cracking down on opiods [...]

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Return to (or just start) Running!

If your email inbox looks anything like mine you are starting to get marketing emails for some great running races in the area. If not, you might be cooler than me. With spring in the air (maybe?), it’s time to start thinking about signing up for one of these gigs. I find there is nothing [...]

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The Role of Nutrition in Physical Therapy

When I chose the title for this blog, I realized it was a pretty heavy topic. We could discuss nutrition in depth over multiple posts but that would be out of my scope of practice. So, bear with me while we lightly delve into the topic to discuss some things that could be affecting the [...]

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Postpartum Recovery

In the era of celebrity return to fitness and flat tummies within what feels like one day postpartum, there is a lot of pressure for women to feel that that is ‘normal,’ potentially leading to the belief one’s body is less capable if the same does not happen. In truth, it is well documented that [...]

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Spring into Clean!

Anyone who has been lucky enough to experience vacuuming first hand knows that a good, ultralight vacuum is a hard-to- find luxury. Spring cleaning, in itself, is just a shoulder injury waiting to happen. Who has the superhuman strength to remove blinds, clean them, and safely return them to their evil bracket holsters without breaking [...]

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Staying Injury-Free with Yard Work

Maintaining a yard and landscaping could be a full time job. Unfortunately, most of us also have many other demands on our time and must fit the yard work into weekends and evenings, trying to get as much done in as little time as possible. This weekend yardwork warrior method can set you up for [...]

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How to Survive Hiking Season without Knee Pain

The sun is starting to make a more consistent appearance in the Pacific Northwest and hiking season is about to commence. The Snoqualmie Valley is situated in ideal proximity to many beautiful hiking trails, but if you have knee pain you may be worried about being able to participate in hiking at all this season. [...]

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The Abdominal Chronicles II: What Your Abs Say About You!

We’ve all done it: looked in the mirror sideways (preferably after not eating for a few hours), tightened our core, and assessed how we’re going to look when bathing suit season rolls around. But what actually defines a ‘good’ midsection? According to multiple resources, waist circumference and abdominal obesity are linked to risk of death [...]

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The Abdominal Chronicles I: Abdominal Separation after Pregnancy

We all know that pregnancy changes the female body significantly over the 40 weeks a little one takes to develop. Some of these changes completely disappear after birth, some take a little longer, and some can stick around and affect the body for years to come. Diastasis recti (DR), or separation of the abdominals near the belly button, is one of those pregnancy changes […]

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