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Dr. Nicole Grant has been practicing in outpatient orthopedics since she graduated in 2016 from Washington University in St. Louis. After completing additional training during her orthopedic residency in 2020, Nicole decided to make the move from the cold Minnesota snow lands to the green PNW. She plans to sit for her orthopedic clinical specialty exam next year.Nicole strongly believes in working with the patient as an active team member in their care to create an individualized plan. Her educational background focuses on analyzing and correcting faulty movement that can lead to injuries. She enjoys treating a wide array of orthopedic impairments, however has a special interest in treating runners and the foot and ankle. Whether it is running your first 5k or wanting to keep up with your grandchildren, she believes in empowering her patients to get back to doing what they enjoy.In her spare time, Nicole can be found running on the beautiful trails across the PNW, hiking with friends, puzzling, and finding the next great combination to partner with peanut butter.

Sleep: The Most Underrated Tool to Combat Pain

As summer has come to a close and fall is fast approaching, school is back in session and the stress levels have begun to steadily climb. In order to get everything done for school, work, and family life, we grasp for more hours in our day usually sacrificing time sleep.     Recent research has [...]

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The Dreaded Rest Day

Lace up the shoes, grab the water bottle, and whatever you do don’t forget the anti chafing stick. You are now equipped to take on the long weekend training run. Initially it takes some shuffling out the door to get started, but after you start logging some miles the rhythm becomes natural, sustainable and the [...]

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Mythbusting Running Beliefs Part II

The Butt: The Neglected Muscle Group The muscles around the hip are the power house for running. The butt is what should propel us forward, push us uphill, and turn up the dial on our pace. If there is a deficit in strength at the glutes, then stress is going to be shifted either above [...]

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Mythbusting Running Beliefs: Part I

A runner’s life can be measured by the miles...or should it? A “quick” google search for a running training plan can generate thousands of results. What started as an innocent idea to get back into running has led to an overwhelming game of numbers. How many miles should I run each day? How many days [...]

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