Walk your way to back pain relief

Are you experiencing tightness or discomfort in your lower-back? Try taking a walk. Studies have shown walking to be effective in preventing, alleviating and even treating pain in the spine, a condition that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will affect eight of 10 U.S. citizens in their lifetimes. One particular [...]

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Back pain? Studies say get physical therapy first.

A recently published medical study on the role exercise plays in preventing the risk of prolonged back pain only reinforces the healing power movement has in our everyday lives. Published last month by JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) Internal Medicine, the study titled “Prevention of Low Back Pain” found that exercise reduced the risk [...]

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Combat holiday stress with exercise

When a demanding holiday season leaves you twisted in knots from the stresses of commitments, crowds, shopping and entertaining, mounds research points to a simple solution to such anxiety: sweat away that stress by making exercise a part of your holiday routine. Besides the obvious benefits of improving your physical condition and fighting disease, the [...]

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