Abdominal Chronicles Series

/Abdominal Chronicles Series

The Abdominal Chronicles II: What Your Abs Say About You!

We’ve all done it: looked in the mirror sideways (preferably after not eating for a few hours), tightened our core, and assessed how we’re going to look when bathing suit season rolls around. But what actually defines a ‘good’ midsection? According to multiple resources, waist circumference and abdominal obesity are linked to risk of death [...]

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The Abdominal Chronicles I: Abdominal Separation after Pregnancy

We all know that pregnancy changes the female body significantly over the 40 weeks a little one takes to develop. Some of these changes completely disappear after birth, some take a little longer, and some can stick around and affect the body for years to come. Diastasis recti (DR), or separation of the abdominals near the belly button, is one of those pregnancy changes […]

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