Sleep: The Most Underrated Tool to Combat Pain

As summer has come to a close and fall is fast approaching, school is back in session and the stress levels have begun to steadily climb. In order to get everything done for school, work, and family life, we grasp for more hours in our day usually sacrificing time sleep.     Recent research has [...]

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The Dreaded Rest Day

Lace up the shoes, grab the water bottle, and whatever you do don’t forget the anti chafing stick. You are now equipped to take on the long weekend training run. Initially it takes some shuffling out the door to get started, but after you start logging some miles the rhythm becomes natural, sustainable and the [...]

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Mythbusting Running Beliefs Part II

The Butt: The Neglected Muscle Group The muscles around the hip are the power house for running. The butt is what should propel us forward, push us uphill, and turn up the dial on our pace. If there is a deficit in strength at the glutes, then stress is going to be shifted either above [...]

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Mythbusting Running Beliefs: Part I

A runner’s life can be measured by the miles...or should it? A “quick” google search for a running training plan can generate thousands of results. What started as an innocent idea to get back into running has led to an overwhelming game of numbers. How many miles should I run each day? How many days [...]

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Return to Walking Program

If you are trying to become healthier, rehabilitating an injury, or looking to take advantage of the scenic views that Washington has to offer, walking/hiking is a great way to achieve those goals. Aerobic exercise is essential to cardiovascular health and the Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes (30 minutes/day) [...]

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Yoga, Where do I start?

Yoga- Where do I start? WARNING! Photos below may look scary… but let me explain!!!! Do you ever see “really bendy” people on social media doing yoga poses and think… “I will never be able to do yoga”. “I’m not flexible”. “I’ve hurt myself trying to do that”. Well, I would like to ease your [...]

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Strength and Conditioning Drills to Master Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is a rough sport. Hitting high speed jumps, railing berms, and plowing through tech takes a combination of both strength and stability to stay centered on the bike. As riders progress in skill and speed, it takes dedicated work off the bike to improve their performance on the trails. Strength training may also [...]

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Challenging the Norm: How to Master the Lunge

As more people are starting to focus on their health and working out at home, bodyweight exercises such as lunges are becoming even more popular. However, many athletes and even trainers perform them improperly in a way that is both less challenging and more prone to injury. The amount of “bad” information from fitness gurus [...]

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The Importance of Balance (A.K.A. Not Falling)

Aging is, unfortunately, inevitable. There are creams to exude youthful skin, cushioned shoes to create a spring in your step, and filters galore for your selfies (I just took a photo of myself with my DSLR and was highly disappointed at the result. Photo editing software is not overrated). But one area of aging that [...]

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What We Treat…We bet there is something on this list that will surprise you!

Exercising while pregnant under the guidance of a PT The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has been campaigning for ‘PT first’ interventions for many of the common injuries affecting our population. This includes encouraging physicians to provide referrals for things like low back pain, especially since the FDA has really been cracking down on opiods [...]

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