Interventions Used

Edge PT Cycling Program - Bike Fit - Mountain Bike

Bike Fitting

This process involves a comprehension assessment of the dimensions of your bike and your own anatomy. You and your therapist will make systematic and incremental adjustments to your bicycle and shoe wear based on current biomechanical research to tailor your bike to you. This will allow us to find your optimal and most comfortable riding position.In addition to the bike fit, your therapist will utilize strategies such as creating/modifying training routines, postural and cycling technique recommendations, and cyclist specific flexibility and strength exercises to help you achieve your riding goals.


  • $200 for 1 hour evaluation and bike fitting
  • $125 for 45 minute follow up visit

Physical Therapy

Cycling in the absence of cross-training can lead to muscle imbalances and subsequent overuse injuries. Injuries that are unrelated to cycling, can also prevent you from riding comfortably. Based on the condition, you may benefit from transitioning from the bike fitting to a formal physical therapy program to further accelerate your progress. Your therapist can perform a thorough physical examination to address any muscular imbalances or joint dysfunctions to help improve your comfort both on and off the bike. Our staff here at Edge Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation can help you transition to a physical therapy program if warranted.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Program

What will we do on my visit?

For the bike fitting and follow up visit, please bring your bike, cycling shoes, and shorts. The first step begins with a quick examination of cycling specific strength and flexibility. Your therapist will then assess both static and dynamic positioning on your bike, so come prepared to ride! After measuring the dimensions/set up of your bike, you and your therapist will make and record the incremental changes of the bike and/or shoe wear and find the optimal riding position. Your therapist may prescribe strength and flexibility exercises to further improve performance and comfort on the bike. Follow up visits may be scheduled to reassess and fine-tune the riding position.Lastly, your physical therapist may recommend a formal physical therapy program to further address dysfunctions if needed.

What type of bike would benefit from bike fitting?

Any bike type of bike that you ride could benefit from a bike fit. These could include road, mountain, cyclocross, time trial/triathlon, or commuting bikes.

Would I benefit from a bike fit even if I am not a racer?

Yes! If you have any pain or discomfort riding a bike you can benefit from a bike fit. A proper bike fit can prevent overuse injuries before they occur and allow for a comfortable ride.

Do I need a referral from a doctor?

You do not need a referral from a doctor to receive a medical/performance bike fit. However, if you are transitioning to a physical therapy program it is possible your health insurance may require one. Our staff can assist you through the process to make the transition as seamless as possible.