Athletes have to be able to perform difficult maneuvers at high intensities and speeds such as sprinting, cutting, pivoting, and jumping to meet the demands of their sport. Not only do they have to be able to physically ready to perform, athletes have to be mentally ready and confident in their ability to play. Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, there is a risk of injury. If you have an sport-related injury, sports specific physical therapy can help you return back onto the field, gym, or mountain slopes.

Sports physical therapy involves athlete-specific injury management and rehabilitation as well as performance enhancement of all ages and ability levels. Our sports physical therapists will not only utilize traditional physical therapy techniques, but also tailor your rehabilitation based on the specific demands of your sport and personal goals as well. Several areas that you and your sports physical therapist may focus on include:

Biomechanical Analysis:

How you move is crucial to both performance on the field and decreasing the risk of injury. By analyzing and correcting faulty movements our sport therapists can not only reduce the pain and your risk of injury/re-injury, but improve your power and ability to play for longer durations. In addition to biomechanical strategies utilized during physical therapy sessions, Edge Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation also offers formal Cycling and Running biomechanical evaluations. These evaluations incorporate biomechanical research and clinical expertise to further refine how you move and improve your comfort and performance during running and cycling.

Strength and Conditioning:

Many sport-related injuries result from specific areas of weakness or muscle imbalances. Athletes that specialize in a single sport are especially susceptible to muscle imbalances and injury. Due to a lack of variety in movements with single sport athletes, certain muscle groups become over-developed while other stabilizing muscles are often neglected during training. Our sports physical therapists will evaluate your strength, power, flexibility, speed, and balance. Then a targeted strength and conditioning program will be created for you to address any areas of weakness, reduce the risk of injury/re-injury, and enhance your performance. Our sports physical therapists can also recommend sport-specific drills or refine your training program to further maximize your potential.

Manual therapy:

Intense and repetitive training can often lead to restrictions in the joints and muscle groups. Over time this could hinder performance and even cause pain during certain movements. Our sports physical therapists will evaluate your flexibility and identity areas of stiffness that may contribute to the problem. The sports physical therapy may then perform various hands-on techniques and teach you self-performed techniques to improve your flexibility and your ability to perform pain-free in your given sport.

Return to Sport Testing:

Competitive and recreational sports place high physical demands on the body. Athletes that return back to sport too early and with improper training can have significant deficits in strength, power, and balance. This leads to a high risk of re-injury. Our sports physical therapists utilize targeted and progressive “return to sport testing” to guide the rehabilitation progress and ensure athletes safely return to sport. These tests typically assess strength, power, balance, and movement mechanics and are supported by current sports medicine research. By passing our criteria, we are confident that our athletes are ready to return to competition.

Edge Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation provides consultation to individual athletes, groups, and organized teams. If you or your child have an orthopedic/sports injury, are seeking to improve athletic performance, or have any questions, please contact us at: 425-292-0223 or  Our team here at Edge Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation will work together with you to get you back on the field!