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Thank you for your referrals and patient reviews!

They are the lifeline of our business and a simple recommendation to a friend or physician means so much to us. If you had a positive experience at Edge, we would appreciate you writing a quick review!

I wanted to say thank you to the great physical therapists at Edge for getting me back on the golf course. After my rotator cuff repair, they took excellent care of me and helped me to meet my goals, most importantly, swinging the club pain-free again!
“When I came to see Anne and Shilpa, I was addressing an issue from an older injury I had sustained from a 20 foot climbing fall. I am still in the process of rehabilitating my ankle after 3 different surgeries. I came with little expectation as I had experienced other PT’s during the last 5 years and had not gained much progress from their help. I am an avid athlete and have been passionate about coming back powerfully to the sports and life I love. To my wonderful surprise, I have already experienced a shift in the way I walk and the movement I have gained and I have only had a few visits.

What I love is they were both very attentive to my needs, meaning that they are awesome at listening and addressing what I want as my outcome. I started with Shilpa as I wanted my gait evaluated. Not once did any of my previous 4 PT’s take time to video my gait. Shilpa video taped me walking in different shoes as well as barefoot to evaluate, observe and correct what I had been doing for so long. She stated exactly what I felt was going on after we watched some clips from the videos she took. After creating awareness around what I was doing she gave me exercises to address what she found. I was blown away at how professional, sensitive, and non-judgmental she is. Then I got to experience Anne (Shilpa was about to give birth). Again, another great listener who practices a technique I had never heard of that helps with mobilization and movement in the joint. It is called the Mulligan Technique. I had my first session last week and could not believe how much more movement I now have in the joint after one visit. Anne is truly vibrant, energetic, powerful and skilled at what she is doing. Both Anne and Shipa are exceptional, surpassing anyone I have seen in my past. The techniques and care they employ are extraordinary. I highly recommend both of them. The care I have received and am presently receiving is very personal; both are great listeners, attentive, and focused on co-creating great outcomes. They also support me with positive reinforcement of what I believe to be possible. Thank you, I look forward to making further progress on my outcome.”

Andrea Scott, CPC
“Nicole was delightful to work with, from her thorough evaluation to implementation of interventions. It is lucky to to find a practitioner that looks at the whole body as a system, not just the parts that appear to be the challenge. Her warm, easy going manner is a great match to her deep knowledge and attention to detail.”
“I went to Edge for chronic lower back pain that has been plaguing me for years as the result of competing in iron distance triathlons. I had been to two other PT’s, and two chiropractors, and while they were all very good, none of them took nearly the time to get a comprehensive understanding of the root cause of my pain and discomfort. Anne spent a great deal of time with me listening and asking questions before she treated me, and when she did begin treatment it was clear that she knew what she was doing. She set a course of treatment for me, gave me exercises to complete, and set realistic goals for what I needed to do to become pain free again. It was such a great experience. I can’t wait to go back. Thanks, Anne!”
Paul B.
Following a significant torn calf muscle incurred recently, I spent nearly two months working with Silpa of Edge PT working on a rehab and recovery program designed to get me back on my feet and as active and mobile as I was prior to the injury. What a wonderful experience! Silpa was knowledgeable, patient, thorough and always able to mix the right blend of push/pull as she helped me work through my recovery. I am pleased to say that with her help, I am now nearly back to normal and well on the way to a complete recovery. I also like the fact that at Edge, you get to work each entire session with your PT, and are not passed off to an aide. To me, that and the quality of their staff really help set Edge apart from the rank and file PT operations.
“Thanks so much for the excellent PT to cure some inflammation from golfer’s elbow. Shilpa provided the right treatments & exercises and I was back to normal in 5 sessions. I would rank this group as excellent & “the best of the best”. I had a similar experience 4 years ago with some shoulder issues before golf season and I was in top condition after 6 sessions. Great people & highly professional.”
Brian B
“I have had the pleasure of working with Charley Liu, DPT, SCS, CSCS at Edge Physical Therapy and was recently discharged from my knee therapy with flying colors! I was preparing for a partial knee replacement, but used PRP treatment and physical therapy to build strength instead, and Charley was wonderful to work with. He’s skilled and creative in his approach with a focus on proper form.
I looked forward to my therapy sessions and what Charley would do to “change up” the exercises and make them more challenging as I was able to do more. As a former Ironman triathlete and coach and lifetime active person, I’ve had a fair amount of physical therapy in my time and I can’t recommend Charley highly enough! Sign up to work with him even if you don’t need physical therapy! You’ll learn a lot!
At Edge Physical therapy, you work one-on-one with your therapist for hands-on, guided treatment, individualized for each person. This is a big difference from many Physical Therapy centers where you are passed along to work with someone besides your therapist to oversee the exercise portion. You will be glad you chose Edge PT!
Celia B
“Shilpa Patel at Edge Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is an excellent physical therapist who helped me with shoulder problems. Shilpa and all the staff at the Edge are friendly and professional – I highly recommend them.”
“I am so fortunate to have worked with Anne at Edge Physical Therapy. She has a genuine interest and cares greatly for her patients. Anne made sessions not only educational to keep on a good path, but also very pleasant – I felt like I was working with a good friend! I was able to accomplish my original goal, as well as improve some other areas I didn’t realize pain I was experiencing could be eased. Anne explained what we worked on, and provided exercises that were easy to understand and integrate into my daily life without them seeming like a chore. I’d highly recommend Edge Physical Therapy! Thank you Anne!”
“When I first started with the therapy. I had my concerns about it working because of the severity of my injury to my shoulder. But with Merrilee’s guidance and knowledge and me doing as she instructed. I would say my shoulder recovery is 95% and on its way to 100% The best thing is I didn’t have to have surgery. Which the Doctors said would probably have to happen to regain good use of my shoulder. Thank you Merrilee.”
Jerry J
“Thank you so much Merrilee for your care getting me through my PT rehab. I feel so much better and appreciate the coaching and evaluations you gave me to continue with my healing and strengthening at home. Although there were a few ups and downs in the process the overall result has been a great success.
I especially appreciate the Edge team approach. The hand-off from in my care from Jessica to you was seamless. I am also so thankful to Anne when she saw and very thoroughly evaluated me on short notice on a snow day when you were short staffed. Erin was also very helpful and cheerful at the front desk scheduling visits and taking payments. I also really appreciate the work massage therapist Aimee Bahr did to ease discomfort in some isolated areas and help me progress with my at-home therapy.
I would definitely recommend Edge PT and Rehab to anyone in need of those healing services.
Thanks again and my best wishes to the entire staff.”
Chris B
“I have been to many therapists but am so happy I found Anne. I feel that she really cares about her patients and is very knowledgeable and compassionate about PT. She has helped me to see the benefit of therapy with thorough explanations I can easily understand, and gives exercises that I can easily work into my life. She has taught me not only how to get over my acute injury, but what to do to prevent it from coming back and how to manage it in the future if it does. I feel so lucky that I have found such a great physical therapist, who cares, is well educated in various conditions, yet has a sense of humor to help me get through the tough days.”
Louise R.

Letter of Appreciation

Dear Ms. Anne Kertson;  DPT, OCS, Physical Therapist

Owner:  EDGE, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

  1. As a retired Veteran, it gives me great pleasure in writing this letter of appreciation, for Charley Liu DPT, CSCS, Physical Therapist. I have had the pleasure of working with Charlie on my “ Reverse Shoulder Replacement,”  a very challenging rehab.  Simply put, he was the logical choice for handling this undertaking, because of his fine professional and personal attributes and qualities.  Liu is a self-assured and exemplary person who selflessly dedicated himself to the task at hand.  It became evident early on into this challenge that he was a stickler for doing things right; his attention to detail was uncanny!  He routinely displayed a keen insight and understanding of unique and complex issues while simultaneously offering sound answers and creative idea’s for problem solving.  It was quite noticeable that his style of understanding is based on integrity and solid principles.  Unquestionably he is extremely effective and efficient.  His precision guided accuracy is only exceeded by his Solomn like judgment.
  1. Liu is an outstanding individual, to be envied by any EDGE employee. His credentials speak for himself.
  1. Because of his visionary foresight, coupled with outstanding work ethics, no doubt gives way to his great success in EDGE’s flow of success. Charlie is truly a dynamic individual and knows how to blend the needs of his clients with demands of the work load.  Liu is truly, one of  EDGE’s  proven commodities!
  1. In closing, I believe that Mr. Liu is affable and sincere, yet task oriented and focused; business is conducted with enthusiasm and purpose. His tenacity is proven in his success of getting the job done for EDGE.
  1. My recovery was a complete success due to Charley’s help and guidance. I have full range of motion and all my physical activities are on line.
  1. Anne Kertson, you should be very proud. EDGE is a very professional and client oriented organization.”
Karol S.
“Unfortunately, I end up spending too much time doing physical therapy. Fortunately, Edge makes my journey back to health quick and painless. Silpa and Charley are experts in setting proper expectations for my recovery and supporting me every step of the way. Their knowledge is obvious as well as their experience and ability to partner with me to a full recovery. I hope never to need to do PT again but if I do I know that I will make a full recovery with the team at Edge.”